MikroporAeroglassO.R.V Manufacturing

We source each related form of filtration directly from the manufacturer and not from a consolidated brand name whatsoever. All of our products are guaranteed to perform exactly to EN779/EN1822 specifications.

We Know How

The Filter Warehouse has the technical backup to provide any assistance required on air or gas filtration requirements. Products include:

  • ULPA filters – U15 to U17 (EN1822 MPPS)
  • HEPA filters – H10 to H14 (EN1822 MPPS)
  • Secondary filters – F5 to F9 (EN779)
  • Primary filters – G1 to G4

Every ULPA and HEPA filter has an individual serial number and test report.

Our Promise

That requested quality at the most cost-effective pricing with regards to the client getting the very best quality-assured product for their money – giving the buyer the surety that they have purchased correctly.