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How often are automotive filters used

If you’re on this website right now, you’re someone who values the importance of filters and their many applications. We’re going to explore the 4 main types of filters your car needs to operate at full capacity, what they’re used for and how often you should replace them.

Cabin filters

What is a cabin filter?

These are the filters that allow you to breath fresh, quality air while driving. They prevent contaminants such as dust and pollen entering the cab of your vehicle through the A/C system. Carbon filters also prevent exhaust gasses and odour from polluting your car’s air flow.

How often should you replace cabin filters?

Every 24 000km – 50 000km

Reasons to replace your cabin filter on time

Worn out cabin filters that aren’t replaced will make your car’s interior susceptible to dust and other contaminants and reduce your quality of breathing air. They can also impact the performance of your vehicle’s A/C system.


Air filters

What are air filters?

Air filters prevent contaminants and small creatures from entering your engine’s airflow system. It’s essential that your engine has a clean supply of air for maximum performance.

How often should you replace air filters?

Every 24 000km – 50 000km

Reasons to replace your air filter on time

Your engine needs a mixture of clean air and fuel to perform. Air filters give you clean air which in turn saves fuel consumption because of the higher quality of combustion. Worn or clogged air filters also contribute to incomplete combustions that result in filthy black exhaust smoke.

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