How to make sure you don’t break your filters

Whether you’re using filters for a ventilation system or for your vehicle, you need to know how to protect them. Preventative measures against breaking your filters will save you money and frustration

( How to prevent damaging your filter during installation )

We’re just going to focus on home ventilation filters for this DIY activity. First thing’s first, We assume that you’ve already purchased the right filter for the job. All that’s left now is for you to carefully insert the filter in the right manner.

It goes without saying that you need to handle your filter with care; wash your hands before gripping the filter to prevent any unnecessary contamination. Avoid handling the materials within the frame of the filter – those are the components responsible for filtration. Handling them incorrectly could damage them.

Next, Take note of the arrow labelled ‘airflow direction’. You’ll want this arrow to point in the direction of the ventilation unit (inwards). This is something that confuses many people, so don’t feel stupid if you do it the first time around.

Once that’s done, Close the vent door by ensuring that nothing is obstructing it, or that there aren’t any loose pieces that could damage your filter.

Congratulations!  You’ve installed your filter without damaging it! Be sure to browse our catalogue for the perfect replacements for your used vent filters.

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