The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Ventilation Filter

Our homes are full of particles, some of which can potentially make us ill. Some particles come from the outdoors through open windows and unsealed cracks in the house, such as dust, mould, smoke and emissions. Other particles might be created by you, such as particles from cooking, candles and electronic devices. Some of these microscopic air particles may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and respiratory disorders.


Whether it is for school, commercial premises, office or your own residential home; good quality air should remain a priority. On a daily basis, most people work, live and learn in buildings with too little fresh air that comes in and too little air that can escape. This creates a need for intelligent ventilation filters to ensure effective air exchange, thereby improving indoor air quality.


While there are quite a lot of ventilation options out there, here is a  short guide to help you pick the right ventilation filter. First, let’s define what a ventilation filter is.


What is a Ventilation Filter

Simply put, ventilation is a process which moves outdoor air into a room or building, diluting pollutants or contaminants  from it. These may be dust, mould, pollen or even allergens as mentioned above. Good air filtration, therefore, improves indoor comfort and productivity for occupants. In a nutshell, air filtration goes a long way in protecting your health and your loved ones.

 The Filter Warehouse is an extremely competitive source of supply for all your ventilation requirements. We specialize in eight (not limited) types of filters.

The Eight Types of Filter in TFW

  • Primary Filters
  • Pocket Filters
  • Fine Filters
  • Cassette Filters
  • Carbon Filters 
  • High Temp Filters
  • Flat-panel HEPA Filter
  • High Capacity Filters

Two things to consider when choosing a ventilation filter:


The filter size – The first and arguably most important part of selecting your new filter is the right size. This is most likely to depend on your personal requirements like where you need it for, your budget and installations.


Your personal needs – Everyone’s home is different and so are the people that live in it, thus different filtration needs. If you or someone you live with suffers from severe allergies caused by dust or other airborne contaminants, a stronger air filter that removes more of these from the air could be a worthwhile investment. If you don’t really have any special needs, then a standard filter will do just fine.

The Filter Warehouse cares about the quality of the air you breathe in. We are a consummate supplier of filtration and ventilation products while offering designed solutions for specific applications to best suit your personal requirements. For more information on choosing the best ventilation filter for your home, office or business, contact us

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