Filter Media

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Filter media

FWC100 (White)

5mm non woven polyester for use on consol or split AC Units or as Pre-Filter where initial pressure drop is of concern.
Air filters

FWC200 (White)

18mm non woven lofted thermally bonded polyester for use as Pre-Filter in pads or all types of industry both commercial and industrial.
Pre-filter pads

FWC300 (White)

20mm non woven lofted thermally bonded polyester for use as Pre-Filter in pads for heavy duty industry.
Paint Arrestor F6 – G3

Paint Arrestor F6–G3

Progressive density non-compacting 50mm Lofted Fibre Glass for the arrestance of paint overspray.
Oil Wet F6 – G3 (Yellow and White)

Oil Wet F6–G3 (Yellow & White)

Progressive density non-compacting 50mm lofted Fibre Glass to act as a Pre-Filter low resistance high dust holding capacity in pads or as roll filters on steel or cardboard core.
Pre-filter pads

AR6 Micro F5

20mm thermally bonded progressive density polyester with scrim backing for use in spray booths and automotive spraying lines where paint finishes are of extreme importance.
FP Ultra F6

FP Ultra F6/SP Ultra F5

PORET 6mm to 50mm G3

PORET 6mm to 50mm G3

Black Nylon Filters (Honeycomb)

Black Nylon Filters (Honeycomb)

Generally used in console units, calibrated panels and airconditioners.


Air filter media is the filtering component used in air filters. The type of air filter media used depends on the application. Different filter medias can be selected; each designed to capture different types of particulate matter or to remove odors and fumes. Custom filters can be made to suit any application by varying the sizes, densities, layers and types of air filter material or depending on air flow restrictions, arrestance efficiency required and budget parameters.

Air filter media is available in air filter material rolls and cut to size pieces, including, but not limited to;

1. Polypropylene, which contains an inherent electrostatic charge that won’t wash out or diminish over time.

2. PermaCool

3. Non-woven polyester

4. Foam

5. PermaFlo

6. PVC coated high abrasion media

7. Corrugated aluminium

8. Flat aluminium mesh

9. Bonded aluminium

10. Expanded metal mesh, rigid black plastic netting